Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween: WTF?

Halloween is a rather controversial holiday in my book. Not because it's for devil worship or because crazy people put razors in the apples they give to kids (seriously kids, why would you want an apple anyway?!? I did have a dentist neighbor growing up that gave out mini toothpastes though, so...).

It gets kind of tiresome when you see girl after girl wearing a nurse or firefighter or whatever costume was at Halloween Depot. To each their own, I guess... but shouldn't Halloween be an excuse to be creative and make people say WTF?! (And less of an excuse to objectify women?)

I kind of re-heated an old costume, but I decided to be Eve. You know... from the Bible? I see a tiny bit of humor in it considering I attend a Christian school. It required a lot of hot glue and the butchering of a fake plant. My darling friend in the photo below is an amazon woman, sporting a wonderful $1 mesh-y dress and some vines (which also needed some hot glue, turns out it's difficult to hot-glue fake leaves to a mesh dress without burning the person wearing it. bummer.).

Gotta love the awkward butt leafs.

What were YOU for Halloween?!


P.S. Happy November? How did it get here so fast?! I guess it's time to put out the roomie's LED-lit Christmas tree that is in fact in Hanukkah colors. His name is Shalomo.

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