Sunday, September 2, 2012

Product Review: LUSH Solid Shampoo and Conditioner

Ok, so about LUSH.  
They have a great philosophy:

-from the website

However, their products are really hit or miss.  
Luckily you have ME to let you know which products are amazing and which are not-so-much!  
Today, I wanna talk about the Solid Hair Products.  

First: the Solid Shampoo Bars.   AMAZING.  
They all smell good, and they are amazing for your hair, 
the packaging is super environmentally friendly (no packaging at all!) 
and you can always get the perfect amount in your hair (no more estimating in your hand) 
by rubbing it straight onto your scalp.  
I love Jumping Juniper 
(Juniper, lemon, and lime oils, Rosemary and lavender decoction) 
and Ultimate Shine 
(ylang ylang and violet leaf oils with some delicious gardenia extract)
 but I would visit a LUSH store, or the website, to find one that is just right for your hair.  

Second, Jungle - the solid conditioner.  
Avoid this product.  
It is expensive and it DOES NOT WORK.  
It boasts cocoa butter and fruit extract, but it is a FAIL.

There is no way to get it to actually apply to your hair, and it doesn't condition!
Such a bummer, it is a great idea.  
But DO go for their liquid potted conditioners, such as:

"Fruity hair reclamation"

or Okra
"for hair in phenomenally bad condition"

These are yummy and make your hair ohhhhhhh so soft and luxurious.

To summarize: DEFINITELY invest in a solid shampoo and a liquid or potted conditioner.  
AVOID the solid conditioner.  
Ok, hugs and kisses


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  1. love it! although i've always been intrigued with their ethics, i usually just stay away from LUSH because i'd rather just be lazy and buy something i know already works; might actually give that shampoo a go. thank you, you brave, brave woman.


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