Wednesday, August 29, 2012

NEW SERIES: Etsy Roundup!

We are pleased to announce a new series here at RCS! As some of you may know, we're pretty big fans of Etsy around here (and also the satire site Regretsy, which skewers the stranger items on the site). Not only is it a venue for purchasing unique items you can't find anywhere else, but your money directly supports small-scale crafters, designers, and vintage curators (Just watch out for those resellers though, a.k.a. avoid owl pendants).  

So, from time to time we'll feature some Etsy listings we've picked out of the fray, because they're stylish, intriguing, or simply amusing. We're always doin' it for the lulz.

Without further ado:

What do y'all think of our picks?

-Berit & Claire

P.S. If you have a moment, check out Berit's Etsy shop! Because what's a post without some shameless self-promotion?

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