Saturday, September 8, 2012

Style Profile: Florence Welch

Can we all just stop for a minute and recognize how amazing Florence Welch is?
(If you don't know, she is the Florence from Florence + the Machine.
If you don't know, Florence + the Machine makes great music)
Her voice is both powerful and tender, her hair is fiery and fabulous, and her style is superb.
Plus she is british so she speaks english in a far more attractive way that I do. 

She effortlessly blends romantic and dreamy with edgy and punky 
and tosses in some eccentricity and weirdness to boot. 
I love her penchant for evocative bohemian prints and floaty fabric. 
And man can she bring the DRAMA.  
It's astonishing how hard she rocks her look, this sugar is taking no prisoners.   
Let her be an inspiration to us all.  Oh, I love you Flo.

Any celebrities/artists that you think have inspiring style?
Stay lovely!

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