Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Trippy Business: Prabal Gurung's Orchid Rorschach Collection & OOTD

I've always been really taken with the use of symmetrical inkblot-style imagery, especially Rorschach patterns, in fashion. I think it began with Alexander McQueen (doesn't everything begin with McQueen?), but at any rate, it's a technique that has surfaced here and there on the runways but rarely in places where non-millionares can purchase them. 

The most recent appearance of of these acid trip-evoking textiles in couture was executed most elegantly by Prabal Gurung, a newer kid on the fashion block who has lived, worked, and studied all throughout Southern Asia. Here's a few pieces from his Spring 2012 collection:

Botany + Psychology: Prabal Gurung's Orchid Rorschach Collection

Prabal Gurung floral print dress, $1,120 / Prabal Gurung floral top, $670 / Prabal Gurung floral blazer, $1,485

Imagine my delight when I found this floral shift on a sale rack in Turkey for under $20 USD! Though the pattern is much less subtle than Gurung's, sometimes you just have to wear the plainest shoes you can find and let the garment do it's thing.

 (Plus the *subtle* presence of flora on my pelvis is totally a metaphor for my feminine mystique!)

Do these kind of prints whet your whistles whatsoever? Alliteration. 


P.S. Happy September! 

Guess what Kate Middleton wore this week during her Royal tour of Asia with the Duke?

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