Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Style Necessities: Neutral Pumps

I'm a shoe fiend. It's genetic. Crazy patterns, badass sneakers, boots, I love finding a unique pair and knowing I'll feel sassy rockin' them. Recently, though, I've begun to appreciate a closet "staple" for the footsies other than my blown-out black flats:

Neutral Pumps. You guys, I seriously believe that everyone needs to have a pair. They're classy, endlessly versatile and the best part is, "neutral" includes any and all shades that might compliment your skin tone. Another huge plus is that by wearing a "skin tone" heel, they'll elongate your legs. They will look miles long. Fo realz.

(Keepin' it classy, sophisticated, and stylish. Thrifted Target bow-tie blouse, Michael Kors skirt ($6 at The Rack, seriously), thrifted belt, dusty pink stacked heel pumps)

Por ejemplo:

What pair of heels do you find you turn to most often? Do you think you could forgive the neutral pump's secretary stigma and give them a go?


P.S. Best weekend in Seattle. I got off the light rail at Benaroya Hall, grabbed a tasty-ass latte, and smiled all the way down the street. And then I fell asleep on my boyfriend about 20 minutes after our joyous reunion... my flight left at 6 a.m., okay?!?? ^.^

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