Thursday, February 10, 2011

NARS Exclusives

NARS is one of my favorite makeup lines,
everything they make is super high quality and functional.
I love their "multiples" blushes, which are a cream to powder stick color-
they look so natural, last all day, and are really easy to apply.
The only thing is, the brand is quite pricey.

They recently came out with these amazing limited editon makeup sets-
and they are such a great deal!
Still a wad of cash at 60$
but when you compare that to 80$ value and
the four amazing NARS products you get-
Totally worth it.

There are three different sets:
the Fashion Icon set, with essentials for a flushed, natural lookContains:
a Multiple blush,
a lip gloss, a nail polish,
and a dual tone pressed powder blush-
all in Orgasm, NARS's most famous color-
a gold flecked pinky peach that looks good on everyone!
(I went through two of the pressed powder blushes this year)

The Fashion Forward set, for a bold, daring face
pressed powder eyeshadow in Daphne- a deep violet
(I actually already own this color- it is BEAUTIFUL)
lipgloss in Easy Lover- a sheer hot pink
a Multiple blush in Orgasm
a chubby shadow pencil in Hollywoodland- a cool metallic gold

My favorite is The Front Row set, basically a smokey eye in a box
pressed powder eyeshadow duo in Silver Lilac and Rich Olive Gold
a black liquid eyeliner pen
lipgloss in Orgasm
and a Multiple blush in Palm Springs- a golden beige

Even better?
These sets come with instructions on how to create a look with the products!

Order them online here

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