Tuesday, February 1, 2011

On Trend: Relaxed Striped Tees

Lately I've been seeing lots of relaxed-fit, striped tops in stores, magazines, and on celebs (okay to be honest I had to google search the celebs part, the only star stalking I do is on gofugyourself).

(Nautical stripes brought to you by Sienna Miller, Miranda Kerr, and Kate Moss. Via StyleHog)

Although I was a bit apprehensive to buy anything in the vein of this trend as A) The stripes made me nervous, as they can be tricky when you're trying to flatter your shape and B) I wasn't sure if I'd like the supremely loose fit.

(Top, Forever 21; Scarf, thrifted; Jeans, Vigoss; Boots, Steve Madden; Nail Polish, "Charcoal" via F21)

However, I found this one for $15 at Forever21 and loved the roll-tab sleeves, big pocket, and fun color. Plus it is DAMN COMFY and easy to pair with accessories- I call this the "wanna-be-grunge-hipster-art-teacher" look.

Here's some more ideas!

What do y'all think of these bad boys?!


P.S. Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate how fing funny Claire was in the below post? I was literally in tears, and not from the depressing Human Diversity paper on privilege and social systems I was writing.

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