Friday, August 24, 2012

Fall Style Tips: Metal Capped-Toe Shoes

As Fall quickly approaches, many of us will reluctantly bid farewell to our sandals in lieu of more weather-appropriate footwear. In the fashion world, Autumn is synonymous with chicness and polish because of the melding of summer and winter styles, plus consistently mild weather that lends to layering for the purpose of style rather than utility.

Enter the metal capped-toe shoe. In a myriad of styles and colors, this trend offers polished intrigue without sacrificing versatility. It looks expensive without trying too hard and is a great building block for accessorizing.

Lead Foot

Valentino kitten heel shoes / Yves Saint Laurent cap toe shoes, $710 / Rachel Roy slip on shoes / ASOS high heel pumps / Wallis flat shoes / Oasis cap toe shoes, $60

Blessedly, this smart-looking trend has descended from the upper echelons of the fashion heavens to more affordable locations, including, not surprisingly, your local Forever21.

 I don't know about you guys, but I'll be snatching up a decently priced pair of these shit-kickers ASAP. Thoughts?


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