Tuesday, August 14, 2012

T-Shirt Makeovers!

Why buy new clothes when you can just spiff up the ones you have!

 1. Revamped Button-up
Blinged out collars are everywhere right now, and as much as I think they are totally hot, 
I am not paying 50$ at Urban Outfitters.  
So, I rummaged in my closet and found a 10$ H & M button up I used for band concerts in high school.  The fit was hideous, so I cut off the sleeves and the reshaped the bottom, 
and used some brats that I bought at Joanne Fabrics to embellish the collar.  
Easy, and cheap!

2. Tye dying madness!
All my white T-shirts got really dingy from the red desert dust in Israel, 
so I chopped them up, bought some fabric dye and made them awesome and fun!

I hope you all are savoring the last few weeks of summer!

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