Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On Trend: Lightweight Button-Ups

In September, I'll be heading back to Southern California- but this time I'll be living in inner-city Los Angeles, completing a required program for my major. A huge part of this experience will be interning with a non-profit organization, which I'm so excited about (Of course I'll keep y'all posted on my experiences there!).

Living in an (at times) insanely hot concrete jungle won't allow me any excuses for wearing tank tops and cutoffs every day- I'll still have to dress like a professional for my professional obligations. That's why I've been really liking the idea of gauzy, lightweight buttons ups that will retain a stylish but professional look while keeping me cool.

Here's a long-sleeved version of a top I just got for a steal on HauteLook (click here to join!).

I couldn't get an actual photo of it, but you get the general idea. Lightweight, dressy enough for dark slacks but also endlessly versatile! Here's some other great examples:

Also, PROJECT RUNWAY STARTS THURSDAY. I believe the show is splitting its time between New York and LA... either way it'll be entertaining as usual. But don't forget to read the news sometimes, too...


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