Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DIY Business Cards!

Hey everybody! I've got a bunch of exciting things happening with my Etsy shop right now... including a bunch of new items!

I'll also be selling some of my rings in a local art commission shop, so I decided to make some home-made business cards. Here's what my first one looked like- I'll be tweaking it a bit as I go:

I used some "vintage" Old Maid cards found while cleaning out my room. They've got a bit of nostalgic value, as I remember playing them with my grandmother as a child :)

I started by tracing the card on the paper you see them laying on and gluing it to the back of the card.

After hole-punching through the card and the new backing, I looped through a ribbon that I can also use to fasten a ring to the card.

On the back I glued on another layer of vintage notecard, and ruined it with my horrible first-grader handwriting. Oh well! As my mother pointed out, my generation is made of typists rather than writers... kind of sad :(

There you have it! A cheap and creative way to make business/personal cards. Just make sure you've got ample time, as it can be a little tedious.

Hope your week is amazing!!


1 comment:

  1. Cute idea! So unique! Bet not many people have seen a card like that. It's one of those cards that I'd feel guilty throwing away!


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