Sunday, April 3, 2011

Transformers Dresses

I recently found this video of a runway show,
from British avante-guarde designer Hussein Chalayan's 2007 collection, and it is insane.
Take a look, there is technology in the clothes that actually allows it to transform into a completely different look before your eyes! Watch out for a special surprise at the end!

What do you all think?
p.s. it has been SO SUNNY in Walla Walla lately,
and it is killing me that summer is so far away!


  1. whoa, that's insane!! haha, "special surprise." XD

  2. At first I was like ok, whatever, cool clothes but then in the middle when the models paused, but the clothes KEPT MOVING! Where can I find me some of these? So cool! This creates that glamorous wind in the clothes look without just looking windy!


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