Sunday, April 24, 2011

Makeup Removal

Now, properly removing your makeup is essential.
Having fresh, clean, hydrated skin is fabulous,
your pores won't get clogged and your skin will be able to breathe!

Big Don'ts:
*further clogging your pores with icky removal product.
*irritating your skin with stingy ouchy remover and harsh scrubbing and stretching
*leaving anything behind, because that's just nasty.

Try this:
Wash your face. Wet a cotton pad with some toner or some water.
Wipe your skin down.
If the cotton pad comes off with makeup still on it,
you need to revise your makeup removal routine.

Always remove your eye and lip makeup first,
it makes removing the rest much easier and efficient.
(no colors running together, no mixing of consistencies- like mascara and foundation)
The skin around your eyes is so thin and so sensitive,
leaving makeup on is irritating and can lead to stye's-
which is basically a zit in your eyelid.

Wet a cotton pad completely with remover,
place it over your eye, gently press and wiggle for a few seconds,
slowly pull down over the lashes.
Repeat until the pad comes off clean.
For hard to remove waterproof mascara,
delicately hold onto your lashes with the pad and wiggle.
Clean up any extra with q-tips and some remover.

The absolute best eye makeup remover in the world:
A french pharamaceutical brand,
comes in a huge bottle that lasts you forever-
impossibly gentle, mild, and non irritating,
gets everything everything everything off.
only available in France or online,
get it online at amazon or monguidesante

You don't need to deep clean your lips, since there are no pore to get clogged.
Just be very gentle and make sure to rehydrate them.

First gently blot several times onto a tissue until no more product comes off,
then put a jelly textured lip balm over your lips and work it in really well with a q-tip.
Do this until there is no more color on your lips and your lips are lovely and soft.

You can use vaseline but I love using my Smiths Rosebud Salve
Available at Sephora

Skin: Hot Cloth Cleansers
These come with a muslin cloth which works as an amazing exfoliant
and also a super super great makeup remover.

Massage the product all over dry skin, and after really working it into the skin,
get the muslin cloth wet in hot water and polish the product off.
Then do a final rinse with cold water to seal the pores.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish,
This has won tons of awards, and was the first cleanser of its kind
Is really gentle on the skin,
and dissolves makeup as well as any other grime on your face easily.
The product will also last you a very long time.
Available at the Liz Earle Website

Boots No.7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser
From the British drugstore Boots, this works just like the Liz Earle,
but for much much less money!

Skin: Cleansing Oils
I have raved about these before
They offer the most intense way to cleanse, they literally dissolve EVERY bit of makeup,
but because they are an oil they really moisturize and sooth the skin.

Massage it (like REALLY massage it) in big smooth strokes for about 2 minutes,
then add a little bit of warm water and massage in,
and continue to add more and more warm water
until the oil emulsifies into a milk and you can rinse it off with warm water.
Finish off with a hot washcloth all over the skin.


NUDE Cleansing Facial Oil
available at Sephora
Has officially replaced Shu Uemera as the best cleansing oil out there.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
This is not as thick as others I have tried so it is easier to remove,
and you get more product for the money
Available online at the DHC website

Skin: Lotions
If you don't have access to a sink
Bioderma is also great for removing face makeup.
But for an alternative, try a cleansing lotion-

massage into the face for a few minutes
then wipe off.

My favorite?
Clarins Cleansing Milk
Leaves skin smooth and lovely, smells nice, and is very mild
Available at any department store
(free international shipping!)

Questions? Ask in the comments!
Stay Lovely!


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