Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Gifts For Your Girlfriends

HELLO everyone!!!!!

I'm home in Seattle now, having survived finals and taken a few days to recover once I arrived home :)

The holidays are GLORIOUS but can be fiscally stressful, especially when you're in college!
Here's a great way to make some cute little gifts on a budget for your girlfriends- I did this for mine when we got together for our Christmas exchange.

1) First you'll need to take a little trip to the thrift store and find some wine/champagne glasses, one for each friend. They don't have to match, and honestly I think it's cuter if they don't! Make sure you wash them, though...

2) Now you get to decide what you want to fill the glasses with- candy, a cute little accessory, or if you're me... matching Betsey Johnson undies! ($2.99 each at TJMaxx!) Decorate the glasses however you wish, with plenty of bows and ribbons!

3) Purchase a bottle of your favorite bubbly, be it alcoholic or non-alcoholic to serve once the presents have been opened!

(It's Martinelli's, c'mon)

How do you celebrate the holidays with your peeps? What kind of DIY gifts have you been crafting this season?

Time to go wrap some presents! :)


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