Friday, December 10, 2010

A Guide to Happy Hair

as per request (sorry it has taken so long! finals killed...)

Truth: Hair is difficult.
But here are some tips to make it easier!

*Wash your hair as little as possible.
Brush your hair lots to distribute oils and stimulate your scalp.
Always follow Shampoo with conditioner

BEAUTIFUL for curly hair!
If your hair has been chemically treated at all, this is your line
For dry, coarse, split end-y hair
Berit turned me on to this vegan color protection line, it's amazing

*in between washes, use a dry shampoo
(plus= superbly great texture and volume!)
Just spritz into roots and massage through and brush out the extra!

AMAZING, plus it's not an aerosol can!

*Deep Condition every three days
-unless your hair is frighteningly dry (SWIMMERS!)
then just use it every wash

K-Pak is awesome jawsome for curly whirly hair
smells AHHHHMAZING, and works great on dry hair
my sister's hair is thick thick thick and coarse and wavy
I feel bad because I got amazing straight soft japanese hair
Her stylist recommended this,
and she loves loves loves it!
It softens and smooths and delights
for dandruff, a tea tree oil scalp treatment is a must

*If you use heat, use a protective product to shield your strands from DEATH

what can i say? this stuff is bomb!
consistently a favorite in the beauty community

*Use a great styling product for optimal BOWCHICAWOWOW

for hair that obeys
the best curl cream I have come across, not greasy or crunchy at all
this brand is owned by two african american women,
and is all around amazing for hair that has any texture other than straight and smooth.
it also smells good enough to eat.

*Get your hair cut.
Keeping your ends trimmed up is the only way to get rid of split ends.

Uncle Jesse and his prized hair

Keep on glowing!

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