Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Made Up?

Why do I love makeup?
Well, lots of reasons,
but one reason is that cosmetics allow us to see parts of ourselves in a new way,
to bring out the beauty that might have gone unnoticed,
to reach within ourselves and find a new person that wasn't being seen.

Inspiring, I know.

Fashion Models are by no means perfect.
They are chosen for their distinctiveness, their unconventional attributes...
Their slightly strange qualities make them noticeable.
But what sets them apart is their ability to wear any look, any makeup, rock any style.
Every time they work, an aspect of their beauty is discovered.
As a makeup artist, it is my job to look into a face and see those different possibilities.
By now we should all know that adjectives like:
"Beautiful" and "Ugly" and "Normal" and "Weird"
they have no place in the fashion world,
the art is in the blurring of the line, in not limiting ourselves
And I LOVE that!

I have no idea who this is, but the transformation is remarkable
Natasha Poly has the most lovely lopsided mouth and delicate bone structure
Karolina Kurkova is famous and desired for her wide mouth and narrow nose
Jessica Stam reminds me of a cat. With INSANE eyes.
Lily Donaldson is more or less Britain's prized poodle right now,
and she has a crooked chin!
She is so weird looking, her eyebrows are BOMB.

But hey!
Don't leave it up to the makeup artists of the world to find beauty in your weirdness-
Find it in yourselves!
LOVE yourself
Be a supermodel, the world is your runway
Do not wear a mask, but rather accessorize your beauty
YOU are the superhero, your beauty is the sidekick,
and makeup should be just one of the things in your tool belt.


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  1. Incredible! Very inspiring to the average woman who wants to look extraordinary.


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