Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Outfit Post, Los Angeles Style

This is my third week living in Los Angeles- I'm here for the semester as part of an urban studies program for my major. I'm living in Koreatown, taking classes nearby and interning with a non-profit for the next few months. Check out my personal blog if you'd like to read about my experiences and transformation!

It's starting to cool down a bit, especially since there's about a ten degree difference in temperature in LA proper from Azusa. Here's what I wore to the Mid-Autumn Harvest Festival in Chinatown. Forgive my ridiculous posture and facial expression, as always:

(Top, Tulle (bought at this random wholesale weird shop in Santa Monica); jeans, Urban Outfitters; brogues, Forever21; bag, Ebay; scarf, Mother's; hummus, delicious)

(Tying a scarf to the handle of your bag is an easy way to add some chicness to an outfit and maximizing the use of your layers- plus I've got to admit my secret love for cheetah print :3)

(My favorite accessories lately. From left: vintage, Mother's; etched PVC pipe, gifted; enamel butterfly, vintage)

I've been digging blouses so hard lately, I guess it's just a new season in my style!

Also, I've added quite a few new items to my Etsy shop lately- take a look! Tell a friend!

Love you all


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