Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Few of My Latest Creations

Hello Lovelies!
School has settled down temporarily. I expect it will be insane again in a week...
My favorite study break is a good hour of playing with makeup.
So I need to start practicing!
Here is what I have the past few days:
the inspiration- a MAC Halloween face chart
This look was actually quite easy once the blocking of the shape was done!
just black eyeliner blended out!
Some makeup to match my hair and nose ring.
I expect if I worked full-time for MAC I would rock this sort of look more often.

sorry about the terrible quality of the photos.
my camera always makes the makeup look funny and distorts the color and dimensions,
so i use the webcam to get a more accurate shot of the look.
the downside is the grainy, poopy quality. :/

Coming up:
How to pick lipsticks!


1 comment:

  1. incroyable :) your talent is really amazing claire.


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