Thursday, May 5, 2011

Water Proof Mascara

Summer is almost upon us,
which means lots of warm lovely days, time in the water, and wonderful endless nights.
Of course, this spells out trouble for your mascara.
It can be difficult to find a really great waterproof formula that really works, doesn't get crispy, and actually looks as good as a nonwaterproof product.
Here are some amazing waterproof formulas that WILL NOT MOVE-
swim, cry, sweat or dance party
but also give your winkers all the extra oompf they deserve.

1) Covergirl LashBlast
available at drugstores for 6$
This is my favorite mascara right now,
The patented brush and awesome formula offer unbeatable results:
SUPER volumizing but not clumpy, lengthening but not spiky,
it holds a curl like no other, and just looks amazing on everyone.
A tube of it will last you forever and it's super super cheap!
The waterproof formula is the best you can find.

For example, I have put it on at the beginning of the day, gone to the gym, taken a shower, taken a nap, gone to a concert (NEW PORNOGRAPHERS FTW) and taken another shower, and it still looks perfect.

The cons are that because it is so awesome,
it can be hard to remove unless you really know how.
(see my makeup removal post for instruction!)

available at Sephora for 19$
This offers a light formula that can be built up, but it never clumps or flecks upon layering,
so you can go with either subtle feathery lashes or more dramatic and full
and it looks lovely either way.
This will last and last and last, and still look natural.
Also, it is environmentally and animal friendly!

The con would be the high price :/

available at MAC store and Nordstrom for 14$
This mascara is amazingly waterproof and really beautiful.
The brush makes it easy to get a beautiful lash fast, and it never flakes or crunches.

The cons are that the tube is short so you don't get much product
and it is a pretty wet formula so it doesn't hold a curl.

Hope this was helpful-
as always, we love your comments, feedback, and post requests!


  1. omg I totally bought that orange bottle mascara years ago when I briefly attempted to actually wear makeup. I now feel so validated! It's like the only thing I ever did right in my life that is...thank you claire!

  2. want to know a secret?
    you gave me that mascara, because you said you didn't use it anymore, so i just sterilized and used it and thats when i fell in love with it.
    so, yeah, you are pretty much a makeup expert. :D

  3. Claire, I'm so glad you did a post on this because I was trying to figure out what my best option would be for summer. I recently bought the waterproof Maybelline Colossal SUPEREXTREMEVOLUME something something a few weeks ago and was excited to try it. Well, after giving it a few tries I realized that I hate it. I was so disappointed, especially because the low price (in comparison to the Clinique waterproof mascara I've bought in the past) was awesome. I'll have to give the Covergirl a try.

  4. yeah, i don't like how the maybelline one smells, it tends to flake, isn't black enough, and it takes forever to apply if you actually want volume. i do, however, really like the clinique one!


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