Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tokyo Milk Fragrances: Smelly Goodness

My birthday's coming up in a month or so and I'm running out of perfume. I HATE perfume shopping, I usually have found a scent through a magazine... not down with spending an hour in the fragrances department while sales associates act all haughty and everything starts to smell the same.

ANYWAY, the other day I was in a cute gift shop and caught a whiff of heaven: Tokyo Milk's "Tainted Love." I usually love light, citrus-y scents but this is deep, musky and... seductive?
"Tainted Love" consists of dark vanilla bean, orchid, white tea, and sandalwood. It kind of reminded me of Burberry scents.

Tokyo Milk makes a wide array of other scents, and at $38 bucks a pop, it's a pretty great deal for unique scents. Not to mention I woke up the next morning still smelling the perfume on myself, so it's nice to know I won't have to bathe in it in order to smell nice all day.

What are your favorite perfumes at the moment? My other favorite is a men's Bulgari scent.


P.S. IT'S SUMMER BETCHES. For real, I've been home almost a whole week now and it's kind of hard to believe I'm halfway done with college. Plus it's raining, as usual, so it doesn't even feel like summer.

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