Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Nails (On a Budget!)

As New Year's Eve draws closer, I thought I'd give myself a spiffy at-home manicure for the event. Personally, I find the holiday to be a little disappointing when it comes down to it, but at least I'll have pretty nails when I'm sitting on the couch contemplating which celebrities will divorce in the new year. 

I borrowed this colored french tip tutorial from Studs & Pearls, who does awesome DIY projects. So check it!

(What I used: Paper reinforcing stickers, Revlon in Minted, OPI Nail Envy topcoat, and Hard Candy in Trailer Trash.)

(Apply basecoat and bottom coat of polish. Allow it to dry WELL, if you apply the tip color too soon the stickers will ruin it.)

(Place stickers so that you've got a couple centimeters to paint. You can cut the stickers in half or use the whole thing if you're lazy, like me. Apply your tip color and remove the sticker once it's dried a little bit.)

(Sorry, Instagram made my hand look gnarly.)

Apply topcoat and ta-da! You'll look real classy when the ball drops, and hopefully thereafter... lawl. Be safe and have fun!


P.S. The best colors for the tips of your nails are better if they're darker than your base polish or metallic. It'll show up better.

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