Friday, December 26, 2008

Post-Christmas Boredom

Hey Lovers and Friends!
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday full of love, food, friendship... and more food, if you're my family!
In the wake of Christmas and much bloating and further bingeing, we're not up to much! Right now Claire's working on a makeup post for New Year's party facial explosions of pleasure!
We're still holed up in Seattle, with the snow turning to slush and freezing, mobility is limited to walking from the kitchen back to bed :)

Here's what I wore on Christmas!

-Michael Kors skirt [Nordstrom Rack, MAJOR CLEARANCE!!]
-black knit leggings [The Rack]
-black slouch boots [thrifted]
-White t-shirt
-Cranberry sweater, reversible with teal lace [TJMaxx, $5, angora and rabbit!]
-Black and gold chain belt [Goodwill]
-Gold chains [thrifted]
-Gray beret, says "The head of a genius" in French! Cute! [Consigment, $6!]
P.S., American Apparel has launched a line of berets! Go figure that the one time I try out berets since my mother forced them on my head as a child, American Apparel decides to make them popular again...

Things are moving pretty slow right now, I should be writing college essays... but I'm not! Instead I made a bunch of braided cloth headbands and bracelets, will take photos and post later :)


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