Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays! Let's Get Rich And Buy Our Parents Homes in the South of France...

Hi Everyone!
The holiday rush has swallowed me whole! Halp! Of course, it's only on Christmas Eve that I finally find time to post something... !!! In the wake of a freakish blizzard, I've been trapped in my house for about a week, but have accomplished nothing, save having written a college essay *sad panda*. HOWEVER, given the nasty weather I figured it was time to talk about...

COLOR!!!!! It's something that I frankly miss during the winter. It's easy not only to just throw on some sweats when the weather's yucky, but it can be incredibly hard to work some color into your wardrobe! I took some pictures of a couple outfits that I've worn recently to prove that despite the weather, you CAN look cute and colorful! :D JOY!

DISCLAIMER: The photos and my poses, etc. etc. are atrocious, I'm not yet at the point where my family isn't awkward about me taking photos of myself for a blog... plus there's not enough sun in Seattle to supply natural light!

-Black knitted tights, HUE. They're cable-knitted and honestly feel like wearing a sweater on your legs! [Nordstrom Rack]
-Black slip [TJMaxx]
-Colorful bell-sleeved tunic/dress [TJMaxx]
-Cascading black sweater (Is there a formal name for this? I just call it my batman sweater... :]) [Hand-me-down from Claire]
-Pink Foot Banks, worn on calves [3rd grade]
-Black slouchy boots [Goodwill]
-Turquoise belt [church rummage sale]

-Black knitted tights [Nordy's Rack]
-Purple shortened high-waist skirt [Goodwill]
-White v-neck t-shirt
-Peach Summer Tee [Goodwill, originally American Apparel] 
-Black beaded wool sweater [Mother]
-Scarf [Goodwill]

-Hecka old jeans [consignment]
-Blue tank [COSTCO!]
-Yellow embellished short-sleeve cardigan [G
-Brown Sweater [Nordstrom Rack]
-Gee WaWa boots in Sunrise style [Too expensive to mention, 100% worth it!]

The general idea of this silly post is to remind everyone that it is okay to wear color in the winter! Go ahead and wear summer florals or bright colors, but stay in season pairing it with some darker shades. Plus boots automatically add some seasonal oomph to your outfit (or "costume," as The Glamourai likes to call them!)! If you're not so much into wearing fairy-like frocks during the middle of winter, you can totally just use a colorful scarf or piece of jewelry to remind everyone that there's more to life than grays and blacks! For example:

This necklace is a real butterfly wing, bought at the fair trade shop Hands of the World, under Pike Place Market. It adds just a little pop of color, and looks great even with just a plain black shirt!

I'll update tomorrow with a picture of my planned Christmas ensemble, which may or may not include a Michael Kors skirt bought wayyyy on clearance... ;)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!


P.S. "You and I," Ingrid Michaelson's duet with Jason Mraz is THE BEST HAPPY SONG EVER!! Listen here:


  1. I own a pair of boots that are almost identical as yours but my are black. I love them! There my absolutely favorite pair of boots without a doubt.

    PS: I always get so many compliments when I wear them, especially from guys.

  2. The style is honestly so versatile- I have a pair of riding boots and a pair of military boots as well, but I always come back to these ones!

    What brand are yours? Thanks for reading!


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