Friday, December 19, 2008

First Post Ever!

Hello everyone! Claire and I have been interested in fashion and all things wonderful since we first met in elementary school. I apparently was wearing bellbottom overalls... and the rest is history! Here's a little about us:

Berit- I'm what Claire calls "normal," which is, in fact, a far sight from the truth. Style has always been an underlying interest of mine, and although I believe that one should always be creative with their clothing, you have to own your clothes- don't let them wear you! Claire and I have been friends for dynasties, and thanks to her everyone in our circle of friends has been fab-u-lized (or hookerized, depending on how creative she's feeling!) She is the goddess of smudging and fake eyelashes. I'm looking to study International Affairs and Development in college next year, hopefully in sunny California... and near the Getty Museum! I love music and am a flautist (had to look that one up...). Photography is the most glorious hobby on the planet, and you can find some of my photos here! I've got a genetic addiction to thrift shopping and have been wearing crazy ensembles since OshKosh B'Gosh sold coordinated leggings and dresses.
-creme puffs
-napping, sleeping, hybernating...
-watching reruns of "Life of Ryan" (yeah... okay.)
-Oregon Chai
-my adorable pup Benny
-ultimate frizbee
-U.S. History (Wikipedia Aaron Burr)
-the soundtrack of "Amelie"
-shoes (let's get some!)
-dark chocolate
-movies with hapless characters with terrible luck
-Al Gore, who is a hypocrite
-rude people in Costco

Claire- Herro! I'm Claire and I'm what Berit calls "spirited." Ha.
Here is an acrostic poem I once wrote about myself:
That basically sums me up...
I met Berit in the 1st grade when she walked into the bathroom and said, "Hey Claire, I am wearing bell-bottom overalls!"
Even then, she was a fashionista. Of course, I was wearing some super dorky elastic waisted jeans and had recently watched the parent trap, motivating me to cut my own bangs...
about an inch long. In middle school, when she was wearing skinny jeans and totally ferosh plaid jackets, I was wearing too short pants and bad bras. But I'm not trying to be all boo-hoo-woe-is-me-pity-me-i'm-a-sad-little-slob because now she is my friend, and she tells me when I look like an idiot :D. I have no idea what I want to study next year... maybe sleeping? LOL! I prefer Will Turner over Jack Sparrow, but only when I'm not on my period, I can do the splits, I have a cute lil dalmation named Yuki, I have watched Pirates of the Caribbean so many times that I have it memorized, and I hope that I never grow up. This is so long! Ha!
-playing with makeup
-reading fan fiction
-running around in minimal clothing
-eating pie
-drinking tea out of wine glasses
-filling out myspace surveys
-watching the office
-playing dress up with my baby sister
-hugs :D
-Dumb Sluts
-Valentines Day
-Birds (they are fucking terrifying, don't deny it)

"This sky where we live is no place to lose your wings so love, love, love." -Hafiz
Lets get stylish!

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