Sunday, July 15, 2012


Hello Lovelies!
After a very long hiatus, where I was rather burnt out on blogging, I (Claire) have returned!

I have just come back to the Rain City after 6 months in Israel/Palestine doing study abroad, 

and have returned with much more knowledge 
and a revived desire to share beauty knowledge with the world!

Our fashion expert Berit is currently in Istanbul, Turkey doing her Global Term and working for a women's non-profit.  Wish her luck and send her love! I miss her so!

So without further ado, a few of my favorite products of late:

Amazing, very brightening and moisturizing.  Cheap! 
 I apply it with the brush tip applicator and then blend it out with my finger.  
Available at drugstores

Still my favorite.  I actually swam in this recently, and it didn't budge a bit.  
Holds a curl like no other, adds amazing, clump-free volume, super affordable.
Note: Can be a little crispy (thats what makes it so good at holding a curl) 
Available at drugstores

This is essentially a cheaper Clarisonic.  My skin has improved 10 fold because of daily use.  
Has two speeds,  is waterproof and is superbly superb.
Available for 23$ at Sally Beauty. 
This creamy, mild cleanser is what I use with my iSkin tool.  
It comes with a muslin cloth, which I loved at first but then the muslin cloth was too hard to keep clean.  
The cleanser itself is as good as they come, and is a total bargain.  
It doesn't dry your skin AT ALL, but cleans it incredibly well--
removes every trace of makeup, even waterproof mascara!
Available for 11$ at Target

MAC Eyeshadow in Woodwinked
This very warm gold brown is perfect on tanned skin in the summer, 
it's shimmery and multidimensional, and super pigmented!
Available at MAC stores, 14$
The water in Israel is essentially pool water, it is so chlorinated.  
It totally fried my hair, but I run this stuff through my ends every day 
and it has been making a huge difference.  Plus, it smells sooooo good.  
Available in salons for 16$

Is exactly what it sounds like.  
A stain that isn't drying or matt, offers a beautiful sheen to the lips 
and comes in a range of insanely gorgeous colors.  
Apply a thin layer, let it dry, then add on top for more color and gloss. 
A splurge that is worth every penny, feels luxurious, looks luxurious, has luxurious packaging...

as they would say on Parks and Recreation: TREAT YO SELF!
Available at Sephora for 32$

Feels like velvet, makes foundation look utterly seamless, 
skin stays matt and foundation lasts forever, especially in the hot summer months.
Definitely a splurge but a little bit goes a loooong way
Available at Sephora for 33$

Let me know in the comments what kind of posts you would like to see coming up, 
I'm a bit out of practice!
If you aren't a fan of commenting on blogspot, 
you can always email us at!


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