Sunday, July 22, 2012

Clarks Desert Boot: Not Just for the Dudes

Y'all know I'm a huge proponent for gender equality, and that conviction extends to even to -especıally to- style. Clothing and how it is worn/who wears it has played a historic role in the women's movement (Just a few decades ago women were being kicked out of court for wearing slacks) and is also an important tool for validating self-identity in many spheres of society, gender and ethnicity being just a few.

So when a neat pair of Clarks "Desert Boots" caught my eye and a male friend informed me they're "more of a guy's shoe" I thought to myself: yeah, fuck that. I see this style of shoe frequently worn by men in Seattle but rarely by women. Why should dudes have all the fun when it comes to these delightful kicks? 
 Plus you know I'm a sucker for boots.

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And here's some ladies showing us how it's done!

(Photos via Lookbook)

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