Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saving Winter Skin

Winter is not nice to your skin.
Keep it glowing!
-When it snows, sunscreen is a must, because the white magnifies and reflects the suns rays.

my ultimate winter pick- suuuuper gentle on weather ravaged skin

-Exfoliate get rid of ashy dry surface cells
Queen Helene is a great drugstore brand, I love this face scrub because it is so mild.
Lush Ocean Salt is my newest purchase, and it makes me skin so happy. I also have used it on my sister who has SUPER sensitive eczema prone skin, and it makes her skin happy too!

Mario Badescu is pricey, but worth every penny. This scrub will have your face feeling like a baby butt after one use.

(a great alternative to a store bought product is mixing epsom salt with honey- I do this at school because it is easier than buying products!)

-Moisturize using a heavy duty product day and night

Dr. Haushka is a WONDERFUL organic brand, and this lotion is super gentle and extra humectant.

This is my favorite moisturizer of all time. It super soaks your skin but is really light and non sticky.

This is the best for really ruined skin. It soothes redness, plumps up cells, and if you use it over night, your skin will be like new in the morning. Also, it actually PREVENTS future irritation.

-Keep lips happy using a superpowered lip treatment
This popular favorite is great, but the menthol is very strong and can sting or be annoying tasting after a while. It depends on what you are up for.
My go to balm, works fast and long term, is cheap and smells nice. Also try Rose salve for a thicker product

For advanced dryness, this creates a moisture barrier, sealing in moisturizing agents and protecting lips.

-Use a cream blush to put some color back into your face
Tarte is an organic brand, and I love it.
Their cheek stains are wonderful, long lasting, nice smelling and versatile. The best colors for winter are Tipsy and Flushed. They work on any skin tone!
MAC creme blushes are beautiful, but have a unique dewy feel.
If you are sensitive to the feel of products on your face, try this out in the store first.
It can feel sticky to some people.
I love Lillicent for olive yellowy skin tones,
Lady Blush for lighter warm skin
and posey for cooler skin tones (dark or very light)
Nars Orgasm is a universal favorite and looks amazing on everyone.

Questions in the comments!
Stay lovely!



    (P.S. This is very helpful THANK YOU)

  2. Claire, I would be very pleased if you did a similar thing for hair products (Things like Anti-Breakage and all that stuff) :)

  3. don't worry your little knickers off-
    it's coming soon!


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