Monday, June 1, 2009


HAY! First post in AGES, this is Claire
Berit has been super busy, so satisfy yourself with makeup posts for now!

Guess what guys? It's PROM TIME!!!!
Which means (what else) time to start getting FABULOUSSSSS

If there is one product I would recommend for prom, it is foundation.
Flawless skin is a must for good pictures and ultimate FINE factor...

Foundation Basics
*Test on your jawbone in the store. Never purchase and hope you get lucky with the color
*Moisturize before hand-it helps the color adhere to your skin and to blend
*If you only have a few problem spots, you don't have cover your whole face.
*You can always layer if you aren't getting enough coverage
*Finish with a translucent powder so it will stay in place

And, of course,
A Few Little Tips for Prom
*Have fun with your makeup, do something you wouldn't do for school,
be a little crazy for your night out
*Use a chapstick. Nothing worse than chapped lips
*Moisturize (as always)
*Crest Whitestrips. Seriously. It will make any picture better, and smile more luminous.
*Brush your teeth before your makeup (stanky breathe is a no no).
also bring mints and meh beh floss for after dinner?
*Bring along your lip color and powder to freshen up throughout the night
*Fake eyelashes are always fun if you want to try them
*Invest in an Eyemakeup Remover Pen, and bring along some Cutips.
*Shave your legs, even if they aren't showing. its all about how it feels~
*If you have a dress where nipple-age in the cold might be an issue, bandaids are a great fix.

Most important is that YOU feel like you look good.
Sexy is the sidewalk, not the chalk.

you are so pretty

*sidenote: did anyone see the new moon trailer?
damn i am so team jacob it almost hurts! NATIVE POWER!!!

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