Saturday, June 20, 2009

I RETURNNNNN (and more importantly, PARIS)

So obviously it's been AGES since I posted, but as you all know life can get a little crazy...
back in March (yes, MARCH) I went to France for a week with my mom. It was amazing, and despite my non-stop adventuring, eating, and art-appreciating, I managed to do a little shopping and take some notes :)

Those chicas in Paris know what's up. Their style is tasteful, classy, tailored, daring, and glorious with a baguette on the side!

I'm going to break it all up into a few different posts, but for right now I'd like to cover:

Everyone wears boots in Paris. Everyone. Big heel, wedge, flat, knee-high, ankle, thigh-high, black, purple, leather, suede... they've got it all! Obviously boots are a big deal in the U.S. as well, but it was truly a staple in Paris. Boots are great in inclement weather, with sundresses, out at night, out to coffee, and if you buy a good pair, they are comfy as hell and last a lifetime! I tromped all over in my Gee WaWa boots and didn't get one sore toe!

1) Bethany Strappy Softie $388.00
2) Nine West Buckle Detail Flat Riding Boots £120.00
3) Oasis Studded Boot £74.00
Target Xhilaration Kayden Utility Boot $17.48
Steve Madden Gesar $159.95

Knotted Chain Necklaces
These necklaces were abundant in all the shops I visited- knotted chain necklaces that were chunky, sleek, edgy, sexy... and easily d.i.y.-able!

1) Oasis Multi Row Knot Necklace £8.00
Forever21 Knotted Jewel Necklace $6.80
3) Forever21
Knotted Chain & Pearl Necklace $8.80
4) Majorica 'Baroque Love Knot' Lariat Necklace $145.00

Ahhh it's 2 in the morning!! Time to call it a night... but I'll be back! With LOTS more lovely fashion glories to discuss! Just in case your mouths weren't already watering:

Behold! La Galerie Lafayette- a popular "department store" that for my mother and I started as a curious peek turned into a two-hour expedition. The store was 5 stories and was organized by designer label. Nothing was affordable, of course... but oh, to drool over Lanvin, Betsey Johnson, and Christian Lacroix in one place?!

Dream of such places (except with dollar-store prices!) and sleep well, my beauties :)

-Berit xo

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