Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Favorites!

Cozy sweaters, cider, falling leaves, crisp air, pumpkin pie...
Fall is magical and wonderful.
Here are some of my favorite beauty products for the Autumn months:

China Glaze in Ravishing Dahling
Dark, deep, sexy.  Halloweeny and mysterious!
Revlon ColorStay Mineral Bronzer in Deep Bronze
 My favorite drugstore bronzer, 
Summer sun-kissed skin is fading, 
so sweep it through your cheek bones and across your nose to add a lovely warmth.
I also love to use this on my eyes!
Wet'n'Wild blush in Heather Silk
Accentuate your autumn flush with this perfectly natural pink.   
Flattering on all skin tones, uber pigmented, and so cheap!
Bonne Belle Dr. Pepper Chapstick
An old stand-by of mine, 
this stuff smells and tastes yummy, is nicely moisturizing, 
and lends a subtle cherry tint. 
Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Shadow in Gold
 Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous shimmery brown shade 
(not really gold, despite the name)
Can be applied thinly for a sheer glisten, or layered for a more intense metallic shine.
Has just the tiniest bit of glittery reflection to add a beautiful twinkle.
I love this stuff.

Argan Oil
Moroccan Oil is the best, but so expensive.  
If you can find a bargain brand, most are excellent.  
The air is getting drier, and your hair is gonna know it.
Run a few drops through your ends, and relish your silky locks.

Stay Lovely!

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