Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Adventures with Acrylics!

Claire here!
When I went to visit Berit in California a few weeks ago, 
we bought each other manicures for Christmas.
I decided to be a little crazy and get a full set of acrylics.  
Here is what they looked like:

The color was C-c-c-courage by China Glaze
It lasted SUPER well and looked magical!
However, as you can see, my natural nails started growing and showing.
I just got a black Sally Hansen nail art pen and was dying to do a french tip.
These pens are GREAT.  They are easy to use, fast drying, and very precise.
(Just make sure you use a base and topcoat, or the paint won't adhere properly)

I used Essie's Steel-ing the Scene for the base color.
 Here's how my nails look now!

I would totally recommend trying out acrylic nails at some point,
they are so much fun and have stayed on despite taking a serious beating.

Stay lovely!

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