Sunday, August 7, 2011

Covering Brows

Covering brows is a makeup technique used by anyone who wants a totally blank canvas
to create a new eyebrow (for drag or for period makeup),
or to eliminate the eyebrow (think Lord Voldemort).
It is an excellent trick to be able to whip out, but it can be really tricky.
Ask Berit- my first several attempts were quite ridiculous.
However, with the right technique and some practice, the possibilities are endless!
1) brow cover- some options include:
modeling wax (like Mehron Modeling Putty)
eyebrow covering wax
the above available at costume supply stores
a non toxic glue stick
2) A good concealer
3) red lipstick
4) powder
How To:
1) Brush your brows through with a clean mascara spoolie to get all the hairs in order
2) Drag a brow covering product over your hairs.
Go in the direction of the hair, and make sure you are being smooth and thorough.
You don't want any hairs getting loose!
3) Tap some powder over it, and add another layer of product.
Do this until your brow is smoothly down.
Make sure to blend the product into your surrounding skin
4) Add some red lipstick over the hairs to counteract the blueness of the hairs, then powder
5) Use a flat brush an press concealer over the brows
6) Use a fluffy brush to pounce powder on top
Questions? Comment!

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