Tuesday, March 16, 2010

APU Themba Project Thrift Store Finds!

For the next few weeks on campus there will be an outdoors thrift store supporting the newly emerging NGO "Themba International," which promotes eco conscious ways to assist the millions in dire need in Africa.

So knowing me, I couldn't pass up some thrifting... especially for a good cause, right?! Right! Here's what I found, taken with my crappy web cam! Hooray!

This is a Michael Stars t-shirt, and although the brand usually makes creepy mesh-y shirts I've seen them at Nordstrom's and they're quite expensive. This is like a hipster Waldo shirt but it's sooo very comfy! $5

This top is... FRILLY. and it has BOWS. I'm in love. Also $5.

I'm very excited to support this budding organization, not to mention it appeases the tree hugger within me :3

Have a fantastic week!

Berit xoxo

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