Tuesday, February 3, 2009

the importance of being earnest

it recently occurred to me that fashion is 2% what and 200% how.  (yes, i did fail my precal final, how did you know?!)
in other words, what you wear is not as important as HOW you wear it.  

take Coco Chanel, rocking her basic LBD.  you have got to wear the clothes, not let the clothes wear you.  even if you look like a damn fool.  

think for a moment about people wearing tights as pants.  this is a look that i personally have come to despise, perhaps only because of the WAY that most people wear it, that is, they wear it like they are wearing tights as pants.  once in a while i will see someone and suddenly, those tights aren't tights at all, but PANTS.  and they look GOOD.  

YOU make people believe that you are a ferocious queen of style.
I leave you with an inspirational image:
yes that is nicholas cage and cher. see what i mean about working it?!!

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